A day in San Benedetto Monastery

A nice day trip destination from Rome is the Monastery of St. Benedict (Monastero di San Benedetto in Italian) in the Subiaco municipality. As you get there in about one hour by car, it’s perfect for the weed end – even in winter time as far as is a sunny day that allows you to enjoy the scenery.

San Benedetto monastery

The whole visit is really worth as the natural scenery is spectacular and the 13th century monastery is built on the cave (Sacro Speco) in which St. Benedict from Norcia used to live as a hermit. You can also see a fresco portrait of St. Francis of Assisi painted during his lifetime.

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At the end of your visit, you can have lunch at the Foresteria del Monastero di Santa Scolastica, a restaurant located in the guest house of the Abbey of Saint Scholastica (Abazia di Santa Scolastica).You can find more information here.



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