Tango in San Telmo – Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Listening to a tango in the barrio (suburb) of San Telmo is a must when you are in Buenos Aires: it’s amazing at any moment of the year and any time of the day. This barrio is one of the most ancient of the city, it’s the authentic “barrio porteño” featured by old colonial architecture, cobbled streets and shops with antiques and fascinating porteño dealers rich of incredible stories to tell from all over the world – as well as debatable theories around the origin of pizza!


In summertime, after wandering among ancient alleys of San Telmo, the most enjoyable moment is a rest in one of the bars on the shady Plaza Dorrego, where professional tango couples perform for the crowds, sometimes with accompanying musicians, for seductive live exhibitions. Plaza Dorrego is also a warranty for tango exhibitions at night as bars have their resident tango dancers. So… Just enjoy your drink or meal and leave a tip in the hat of dancers at the end of the exhibition!

Tango couple performing at night in Plaza Dorrego


Tango couples in Plaza Dorrego. In the focus: hats for tips

This timeless plaza enchants its visitors with classic tangoes, which make it even more timeless and fascinating!

Tango couple performing of small stages by bars of Plaza Dorrego



3 thoughts on “Tango in San Telmo – Buenos Aires (Argentina)

  1. One of my next stop is Argentina for sure! And obviously I will have a tango somewhere! Thank you for your words and suggestions!

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