#5. Fried cod fillet

Fried cod fillet at Filetti di Baccalà in Largo dei Librari is quite unique in Rome. This typical dish from the old tradition is absolutely a must even in a day trip to the city as it is located near Campo dei Fiori, in the heart of Rome.

Fried cod fish fillet

Cod fish fillet is buttered with fluor and water and is served very hot. You can also ask for take away. It’s perfect if combined with another typical dish, named Puntarelle with anchovies as a side – I love it!

Puntarelle with anchovies and fried zucchini

Puntarelle is a vegetable that I got to know once I moved to Rome. They are a variant of chicory, and its curvy leaves are due to the cold water they are punt into once cut. They are served marinated in a very easy yet tasty dressing made with minced garlic, vinegar and anchovies (ready made paste made of anchovies is fine as well). Olive oil is then added in the end!

Finally, I really love this review from Puntarella Rossa (in Italian) where some other interesting places are listed – I have to try them!




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