Full moon against the Imperial Forum (Rome)

Strolling along the ancient Imperial Forums in Rome is always awesome, but it’s much more appealing at night when almost nobody’s around and the remains are just for you. Lighting over Imperial Forums evokes the ancient time of the Roman empire, and the quite warm breeze of spring time are perfect to enjoy the atmosphere.

While walking along Via dei Fori Imperiali from the Colosseum to Piazza Venezia, both sides are scenic. On the right side the Forum of Augustus with the temple of Mars Ultor and the nearby Trajan’s market; on the left side Forum of Caesar and the temple of Venus Genetrix.

Fool moon against the Forum of Caesar and the temple of Venus Genetrix
The statue of Caesar against the Trajan’s market in the ancient Imperial Forum

Some tips:

  1. One you get close to Piazza Venezia, turn left at the Vittoriano Museum Complex. The stairway will lead you to a balcony and then a square to enter the Museum. The outlook from the balcony is stunning.
  2. Take a look at the full moon calendar. Planning to have a walk in full moon nights definitely deserves a chance.
A night view of the Forum of Caesar against the full moon




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