Food, Instagram and the Instagrammers World

In the bloggers world, while approaching to food, food photography or plating – even if  in a non-professional way – you definitely can’t miss one the most popular social media channels: Instagram.

On this platform, an overwhelming mass of food, bloggers, hashtags, techniques and communication styles comes across to you and it’s quite probable that any initial resolution ends up just following the Big Ones (the Gurus) to see how the whole thing works, get some inspiration and check if your idea of talking about food has been already fully explored or, in the opposite way, it’s not appreciated by the Instagram public.

The stunning feature of Instagram is that it doesn’t matter what your tastes or your reasons for exploring such world are: there’s always an Instagram account that can inspire and delight just about every type of food lover.

I found very interesting this article from The Business Insider UK which reviews the best food Instagram accounts to follow in 2017. You can go directly to the webpage here.

The article reviews a variety of Instagrammers and their related blogs, ranging from popular foodie ones, niche new accounts and taste award judges to budget or healthy eating ones. Reviewed Instagrammers are mainly based in London and the UK, or Australia. Of course, it is a partial list as other countries’ food bloggers (as the Italian ones!) are not included,  but it still deserves the reading. I’ll point out just three main facts.

The lowest Instagrammer in the list, that is the most “unknown”, has over 8,000 followers and is focused on brunch recommendations and its name is Instagram Brunch Club (see the Instagram bio here). It is a brand new account, they started just few months ago!


The first in the list has over five millions followers and you might have seen already at leas in a book store. Unsurprisingly, is Jamie Oliver, the UK chef, writer and TV presenter with one of the most popular food Instagram accounts. His Instagram bio is here


In the between, I was deeply hit by the stories told by Jo Yee, with 110,000 followers at the time of the writing, photographer and author of her blog Candids by Jo ( I really love the Instagram profile  and her website particularly for the refinement and charme of visual tales of her travels and global food adventures – especially the Asian ones!



Enjoy the reading!



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