Sea view sunny salad in Crete

Smart lunch nearby the airport of Chania in Crete: take note!

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# A lunch with… 

Butterflies having their banana-based lunch at Parque de Aves (Brazil). The variety of butterflies in this park is stunning, and their number as well. It’s lovely to see how they feed themselves and how the park keepers preparare the food for butterflies! 

Ravioli alle ortiche 

Among homemade Italian pasta types, ravioli (dumplings) are the most intriguing ones as the variety of fillings to use with the same dough is really wide (see the dough recepy here). If you are vegetarian, one option provided by regional Italian cuisine is ravioli filled with ricotta cheese and nettle. Obviously they are not stinging as nettle is first boiled and then mixed with ricotta cheese, parmesan and eggs. Continue reading “Ravioli alle ortiche “

From Uruguay: perspectives on pumpkins – in Colonia do Sacramento

Traveling to South America doesn’t necessarily mean that all you can eat is just: meat. In fact, you can easily find modern vegetarian dishes based on very simple local ingredients matched together in a fusion way. One is a la plancha pumpkin, that is, grilled pumpkin served with blue cheese, pistachio crumb and beetroot sauce I enjoyed in my day trip in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay.

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