Asmara, Eritrea

My new years’ Eve Journey in Eritrea (Dec 2017 – Jan 2018)


Spring/Summer 2017. Four affordable terrace bars in Florence 

Hi everybody!

As summer is coming and hanging out is more frequent, I want to share my personal selection of roof gardens in my hometown Florence, perfect if you are staying on a budget. Continue reading “Spring/Summer 2017. Four affordable terrace bars in Florence “

Tango in San Telmo – Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Listening to a tango in the barrio (suburb) of San Telmo is a must when you are in Buenos Aires: it’s amazing at any moment of the year and any time of the day. This barrio is one of the most ancient of the city, it’s the authentic “barrio porteño” featured by old colonial architecture, cobbled streets and shops with antiques and fascinating porteño dealers rich of incredible stories to tell from all over the world – as well as debatable theories around the origin of pizza! Continue reading “Tango in San Telmo – Buenos Aires (Argentina)”

A day in San Benedetto Monastery

A nice day trip destination from Rome is the Monastery of St. Benedict (Monastero di San Benedetto in Italian) in the Subiaco municipality. As you get there in about one hour by car, it’s perfect for the weed end – even in winter time as far as is a sunny day that allows you to enjoy the scenery.

Continue reading “A day in San Benedetto Monastery”