Life in Rome

As the Roma Pride week is approaching to the end, I went to the final night in the Gay Street of Rome and the party was on!! We also received the greetings of the Mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, at one point in the evening. 

The dj was really cool and he played such a good music from the 1970s and 1980s and all the people were dancing! I loved the vocalist’s outfit- especially his pink hair! The twin dancers also were so scenic, they entertained the people for over one hour. 

I am always so excited to participate to this event, this is something that living in Rome makes the difference as in smaller cities all this would not be possible. Looking forward for next year ‘s Gay Croisette!

Full moon against the Imperial Forum (Rome)

Strolling along the ancient Imperial Forums in Rome is always awesome, but it’s much more appealing at night when almost nobody’s around and the remains are just for you. Lighting over Imperial Forums evokes the ancient time of the Roman empire, and the quite warm breeze of spring time are perfect to enjoy the atmosphere. Continue reading “Full moon against the Imperial Forum (Rome)”